ATOM article in Sensors


An article " From Intelligent Energy Management to Value Economy through a Digital Energy Currency: Bahrain City Case Study " has been published in "Sensors, MDPI", by the EPU-NTUA team, as part of the special issue "Smart Energy City with AI, IoT and Big Data". This work is based on research conducted within the ATOM project and the EU GCC network. 

More specifically, the transition of the energy system into a more efficient state requires innovative ideas to finance new schemes and engage people into adjusting their behavioural patterns concerning consumption. Effective energy management combined with Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) open new opportunities for local and regional authorities, but also for energy suppliers, utilities and other obligated parties, or even energy cooperatives, to implement mechanisms that allow people to become more efficient either by producing and trading energy or by reducing their energy consumption. In this paper, a novel framework is proposed connecting energy savings with a digital energy currency. This framework builds reward schemes where the energy end-users could benefit financially from saving energy, by receiving coins according to their real consumption compared to the predicted consumption if no actions were to take place.

A pilot appraisal of such a scheme is presented for the case of Bahrain, so as to simulate the behaviour of the proposed framework in order for it to become a viable choice for intelligent energy management in future action plans.

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