Work Packages


ATOM will work towards opening up both the accumulated knowledge of the project, but also its infrastructure to new interested parties that would like to be engaged not only after but also during the project’s implementation and experimentation phases, adopting an open innovation agile development approach, where external entities could provide suggestions for improvements and features that will help to maximise the project’s impact. It plans to act as a long-term, self-sustained project that will define realistic exploitation approaches for different types of stakeholders.


Main objective of this WP is to specify in detail the ATOM behavioural energy efficiency approach. The personalised persuasive suggestions will be coupled with an innovative reward incentive mechanism (using a virtual energy currency “ATOMcoin”), in order to nudge end-users into more efficient usage of energy consuming devices, enhance participation and effectiveness of energy conservation actions.

01 & 02

ATOM will showcase the additional opportunities and new knowledge that will arise in the domain of behavioural energy efficiency from the application of proper data analytics techniques, machine learning algorithms and other types on analysis on combined data of different volume, velocity and variety, originating from multiple sectors and sources. The capability of generating innovative valuable insights, better understandings, discovering cross-domain relationships and extracting hidden knowledge will come into sight.


The aim is to design a modular architecture, with truly extensible and independent elements, making use of as much as possible already-proven solutions, in order to enhance the interoperability with existing systems and maximize the final impact.


Main objectives of this WP are the implementation of the ATOM Interoperability Framework and the innovative user-friendly applications, namely the ATOM Energy Apps (“M&T”, “Actions” and “Reward”) and the ATOM Management App.


Towards ensuring the value accruing from ATOM, it is essential that ATOM will be tested and evaluated throughout the whole implementation phase in terms of usability, value creation, performance and security. This is going to be accomplished through a set of scientific excellence experiments, using Agent-based Modelling (ABM) approach and real-life environments (e.g. the premises of the Decision Support Systems Laboratory at the NTUA Campus).


Main objectives of this WP is to ensure that project developments and results effectively reach the target audiences identified, as well as beyond those, thus all activities will be analysed and designed in such way in order to increase the valorisation of the project.